Tsukiji Masamoto White Steel 1 Yanagi knife 300mm (11.8″) Junkou Honyaki

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This yanagi is a honyaki-style knife, which is considered the pinnacle of Japanese knife-making. Blacksmiths hand-forge and differentially harden these knives from a single bar of high-carbon
steel (white steel), the same way they do for katana swords. This difficult process can only be accomplished by top knife-makers. The result is a blade that is exceptionally sharp whose edge lasts longer than other knives. Many carbon steel knives are made using coke fuel but Tsukiji Masamoto knives are made using charcoal, which produces higher quality blades because of the gradual rather than abrupt temperature change.

Honyaki knives are meant for highly skilled chefs. They are brittle and can crack if dropped. They are also more difficult to shape than conventional blades. But with proper care, there is no finer Japanese knife. Created for slicing raw fish, this yanagi is also ideal for carvingcooked meat, thinly slicing vegetables or portioning terrines and patés.

Core Steel: Shiro-ko (White Steel 1)
Handle Type: Ebony / Water Buffalo Horn
HRC: 64-65
Weight: 8.9oz
Edge Length: 300mm / 11.81″
Bevel Angle Ratio: Single bevel
Overall Length: 450mm / 17.72
Cover : Comes with a wooden saya
Special Feature: Honyaki

Carbon steel knives will rust if not maintained properly. Use the Tsukiji Masamoto Rust Remover or Sabitohru Rust Remover to clean oxidized blades.