Tsukiji Masamoto Blue Steel 1 (Aoko) Kyomen Yanagi Knife 300mm Yanagi Knife

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Kyomen knives like this yanagi are polished to a signature mirror finish, which makes them ideal for showcasing in front of customers, like at a sushi bar. Kyomen are hand-forged by layering iron and high carbon steel (blue steel) together. Many carbon steel knives are made using coke fuel but Tsukiji Masamoto knives are made using charcoal, which produces higher quality blades because of the gradual rather than abrupt temperature change.

Tsukiji Masamoto pays special attention in creating a deeper urasuki (concave surface of the backside) to maximize its effect. Urasuki facilitates clean food separation from the blade, just like hollowed or perforated knives. This is why you can perform uraoshi (sharpening the backside of a single bevel knife to keep the outer edges leveled) on a coarse stone, unlike most other brands.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, the mirror finish on these knives makes them more resistant to rust and dirt. Created for slicing raw fish, this yanagi is also ideal for carving cooked meat, thinly slicing vegetables or portioning terrines and patés.

Core Steel: Ao-ko (Blue Steel 1)
Handle Type: Ebony / Water Buffalo Horn
HRC: 64-65 Weight: 8.9oz
Edge Length: 300mm / 11.81″
Bevel Angle Ratio: Single bevel
Overall Length: 450mm / 17.72
Cover : Comes with a wooden saya
Special Feature: Kyomen (Mirror Finished)