Sekisou Wasujihiki Redline 27cm

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Sujihiki is the Japanese adaptation of western-style slicers. These knives are made thinner and shorter than chef's knives in order to minimize friction while slicing meat and fish. These knives are widely used to prepare sashimi and sushi in lieu of a yanagi for its favorable maintenance requirements versus single bevel knives.

ZDP-189 is roughly as hard white steel while having better edge retention. Combining the ease of carbon steel with high abrasion resistance makes it a very attractive choice for high-performance settings. Maintenance is kept to a minimum, and the blade has an even 50/50 bevel. The kiritsuke profile is fairly flat with superbly thin reverse-tanto tip. Being one of the hardest alloys used in the manufacturing of kitchen knives between 65 and 66 HRC, this powdered metallurgy steel can be ground much thinner than other steels. It also holds that sharpness much longer than most others knives.

Style : Sujihiki Slicing Knife
Length : 270mm (10.6")
Special Feature : Damascus Steel
Blade Steel Type : ZDP-189
Handle material : Kokutan with Buffalo Horn Ferrule
HRC : 66
Bevel Angle Ratio : 50/50
Cover : Not included