Sakai Takayuki Honesuki Boning Knife Inox 150mm (5.9″)

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Sakai Takayuki honesuki knife is a Japanese-style boning knife perfect for those who are looking for a reasonably priced boning knife for every day use. It has a single bevel edge and its sharp, pointed tip helps you ride the blade along bones.

This is a honesuki with an Inox blade and POM Resin handle. The advantage of POM Resin blades is the resistance to water; even if you use it in a wet work space, you do not have to worry about the handle rotting or molding. The Inox blade is also very much stain resistant.

Core Steel: Inox
Handle Type: POM Resin
HRC: 60
Weight: 4.8oz
Edge Length: 150mm / 5.9″
Bevel Angle Ratio: Single bevel
Overall Length: