Sakai Takayuki Hien Kengata Yanagi 270mm

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Created for slicing raw fish, this yanagi is also ideal for carving cooked meat, thinly slicing vegetables or portioning terrines and patés. garnishes.

The Blue 2 Steel series is the product of generations of blacksmiths from the Doi family, who have continued to craft some of the best knives in Sakai. This knife has been forged by Itsuo Doi(son of Keijiro Doi who retired in 2011) who is a third generation blacksmith of the Doi Family. The sharp edge the Doi Family. The sharp edge of the Blue Steel 2 combined with the flexibility of the soft iron makes this knife very pleasant to use.

This knife is representative of the quality knives that are forged in Sakai and made with a great deal of attention to detail. This knife is for the highly seasoned chefs who can use their honed knife skills to take full advantage of this well-crafted knife.

Core Steel: Yasugi Blue Steel 2
Handle Type: Ebony
HRC: 61-62
Edge Length: 270mm / 10.6in.
Bevel Angle Ratio: Single bevel