NENOX Western SD Sujihiki 230mm

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The sujihiki is a Japanese-style slicing knife with a thinner, sharper edge than Western versions.
The long blade of the sujihiki is ideal for thinly carving cooked meats and slicing terrines and patés.
It can also be used instead of a yanagi to slice raw fish.

Core Steel: High Carbon Rust-Resistant Steel
Handle Type: DuPont™ Corian®
HRC: 61
Weight: 6.4oz
Edge Length: 230mm / 9.06″
Bevel Angle Ratio: 55/45*
Overall Length: 340mm / 13.4″

* According to Nenohi Cutlery even though the bevel angle is 55:45 it can still be used by lefties.
However, you can easily sharpen it to 45:55 for optimum use.
This knife is made honyaki style, with one piece of high carbon steel, and with a 55/45 edge,
it can easily be sharpened to suit your preference, whether you are right or left handed.
The SD series is top of the Nenohi line, and has an even more ductile blade than the G-type series,
meaning that it is even more durable. The composite DuPont™ Corian® handle offers a comfortable grip,
and is heat-resistant, nontoxic and resists the growth of bacteria.