NENOHI Kaede Yanagi 270mm

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Created for slicing raw fish and seafood, the length and sharpness of the single bevel blade allow cooks to make one smooth pull to cleanly cut through delicate ingredients with very little force̶resulting in perfect, glossy slices with no bruises, no rough surfaces. Besides raw fish, the yanagi is an ideal knife for carvingcooked meat, thinly slicing vegetables or portioning terrines and patés.

This yanagi is forged from two kinds of special rust-resistant high carbon steel. Nenohi blades offer the durability and sharpness of a traditional Japanese carbon steel knife, but since they are rust resistant, they are easier to maintain.The Kaede series has a kyomen mirror finish and comes with an octagonal shaped, Japanese magnolia handle. Besides its aesthetic appeal, the mirror finish on these knives makes them more resistant to rust and dirt.

In fusing the blade to the handle, the gap is filled using the same material as the handle. Furthermore, a waterproof wax material is added to prevent any chance of moisture entering through even a minuscule of spaces. E-Ume deters problems arising from the metals rusting inside the handle core due to moisture.

Core Steel: High Carbon Rust-Resistant Steel
Handle Type: (Hō) Japanese Magnolia
HRC: 61 Weight: 6.2oz
Edge Length: 270mm / 10.6″
Bevel Angle Ratio: Single bevel
Overall Length: 420mm / 16.54″
Cover : Comes with a wooden saya
Special Feature: Kyomen