Kengata Santoku Homura 195mm

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Takayuki Sakai's high-grade model that uses Yasugi Aogami No.2, which is a sharp and durable prime high carbon steel. This is a Japanese-style knife with a double-edged blade that is the true value of Sakai-cut knives that allow you to enjoy sharp sharpens. It is a work by Mr. Itsuo Don, a Sakai blacksmith who has inherited the secret technique for three generations

Core Steel: Yasugi Aogami Blue No.2 Steel
Handle Type: Black tan octagonal ebony wood with water buffalo cupronickel ring
Weight: 250g
HRC: 61-62
Knife Type: Gyuto
Edge Length: 195mm / 7.7in 
Bevel Angle Ratio: 50/50
Overall Length: 335mm / 13.19in